Luna Twin Plus Trailer Fin - Helix Nebula Honeycomb Dual Tab 2 - Lunasurf Fins


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Fin Set Up:
Twin plus trailer
Fin Material:
Twin side fins:
Height: 146mm Base: 135mm
Stabilizer fin:
Height: 94mm Base: 87mm

Luna Twin Plus Trailer Fin - Helix Nebula Honeycomb Dual Tab 2 - Lunasurf Fins


Luna Twin With Trailer Fin - Helix Nebula High Performance Honeycomb Dual Tab 2 - Lunasurf Fins

The Luna Twin fin is an awesome set of fins for anyone wanting to try a twin fin set up for the first time. A high performance twin set that comes with an optional trailer fin to give it more control without sacrificing speed or the free flow feel of the Luna twin. If you ride thrusters and were looking to try a twin fin, this would be a great choice to start with.

Aside from looking incredible, the template designed by Ian Battrick features a wide base, with a tall height giving you maximum drive and control. The thinner tip provides a faster reaction time, release and spring. This is a fast, easy to use and high performance fin template.

The honeycomb fin construction keeps the lively flex properties and the weight down. A great, reliable, all round choice for a variety of boards and surfing conditions. 

You will be surprised how many different types of boards these Luna Twin fins will work in. From a classic twin surfboard to high performance boards. From 1' to 8', in all conditions from weak beach break to fast point-breaks and barrels the Luna Twin is going to set you up with exceptional speed, drive, hold, release when you need it and great control through your turns.

Twin side fins - Height: 146mm Base: 135mm 2D Area:

Stabilizer fin -   Height: 94mm   Base: 87mm   2D Area:

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