Size Guides

The Lunasurf wetsuit size recommendations below are determined by height and weight. Please note this is just a size guide and NOT a guarantee of fit, as every person fills a wetsuit differently and each individual surfer has a subjective wetsuit fit preference.

(*We suggest opting for a size up if you’re in the higher size brackets of the scale and you're unfamiliar with how our wetsuits fit. The gloves and mitts opt up a size if you are unsure. 8mm boots are true to size UK shoe sizing.)

If you require any more information or advice on sizing please feel free to email us and we can assist you further.

Is my wetsuit fitting right?

A wetsuit is supposed to be tight, skin tight. But not so tight that your range of motion is inhibited or restricts your breathing. The sleeves (if full-length) should fall at the wrist bone and the legs just above the ankle, and there should be no gaps, pockets, or rolls of neoprene. Wetsuits are meant to be form fitting. You don’t want loose folds of neoprene, or large pockets of air or water in your wetsuit.

Do wetsuits stretch with use?

When you are first trying it on dry, it is important to understand that once a wetsuit gets wet/has been used a few times it will loosen up and feel more comfortable. With use the wetsuit will stretch to your body becoming form fitting.

Yamamoto's rubber material, which has a completely closed cell structure (honeycomb structure), has extremely low density (lightweight), high flexibility, and excellent heat insulation. Giving you high-level, high-quality, durable materials. Due to the high, tightly packed cell density of these suits(which also is the reason for the warmth, durability and lightness even when wet), first time on dry it may feel a little tight. For example, every new suit, I know I am a size medium, but each time if you did not know better you may question it. After several uses the suit will loosen and mold to you.

How do wetsuits work?

Lunasurf Wetsuits are awesome things, with today’s technology we can stay warm and have fun in the coldest of conditions. You can feel light, loose and warm unlike the wetsuits of yesteryear. Our wetsuits are 100% made using only the best Yamamoto Japanese limestone based neoprenes. That are then lined with a water/wind repelling buttery, stretchy lining that insulates you from the cold water water, air temps and winds. Your Wetsuit is made up of panels of Neoprene. Wetsuits are not designed to keep you entirely dry. A small amount of water gets trapped between your body and the neoprene. Your body temperature then heats up this small amount of water giving you a nice warm feeling. This is why finding the correct fitting Wetsuit is absolutely essential. Heat does eventually escape through the neoprene but very much like clothing the thicker the Neoprene the warmer you will be.

Why do my wrists feel tight?

We have designed our wetsuit wrists to prevent flushing or ripping (when wearing thick 7mm gloves/mitts). This means initially they could feel tight but they will loosen with use. You can also gently pull the wrists to widen/loosen.

I have long hair will it fit in the hood?

Yes it will fit in the hood. The most comfortable way is with a low bun rather than on the top of the head.

What if my suit does not fit?

Once you receive your wetsuit, try it on and make sure you are satisfied with the fit before wearing it in the ocean. Providing that the wetsuit has NOT been used, damaged and in clean new condition. You are welcome to swap sizes if you didn't get it right first time. Return postage is your responsibility.  Simply email customer service at to receive postage instructions.  (*Please note that return shipping to Lunasurf for size exchanges is at your expense, we will then return ship the replacement wetsuit back to you free of charge).