Lunasurf surfboard full deck grip, front foot traction and tailpads - no more surf wax - just grab your board and go

Front foot traction and the use of full deck grip rather than wax, is a simple solution to a lot of things. From front foot and back foot denting, to never ever waxing your board again. No maintenance required. No more melting wax in the sun going all over your car, the inside of your board bag or wherever. No more your wax is too hard in cold water conditions. No more waxing and de-waxing for different water temperatures or trips. Apart from being lighter, grippier, easier, it saves you a lot of time, just grab your board and go... 

New EVA foam formulas now allow for no wax being used in all temperatures. The resurgence of front foot pads is now very popular among surfing, kite surfing, wave pool surfing, skimboard, SUP, foil board, skim boarding, river surfing, wake surfing, long boarding, big wave surfing guns, step off boards.

Ian Battrick with his Arctic Earth quiver of Lunasurf full deck grip, with not a bar of wax to be seen or needed. Lunasurf 3 piece front foot traction pad - combined with Luna surf 3 piece tail pad.

best cold water traction deck grip no wax surf

Watch this Arctic surfing adventure with Ian riding Lunasurf full deck grip to ride some icey waves and through some -19 degree air temperature days. Giving the you the traction you need and can rely on for arctic surfing cold water conditions.

alien surf deck grip front traction lunasurfAmbassadors Ian Battrick, Hugues Oyarzabal, Timmy Turner and Ryan Carlson have spent months camped out in the tropics riding Lunasurf full deck grip.

Mentawai jungle in Indonesia, Batty's camping quiver consists purely of front foot traction and tail pad deck grip

You often hear people, who have become trapped in their conceptual prisons of the mind, asking through basic dillusion.. (and the majority of which have never even tried a full deck grip set up before, but just go on hear say of others who probably haven't tried one before)

"What about rashes in warm water or board shorts?"

There is no rash in just board shorts with the unique Lunasurf foam formula, you will get more rash with wax. After testing EVA foam densities for years with our global ambassadors who have ridden in hugely varying climates. From the tropical environment of Indonesia to the baltic testing conditions of Iceland. With this feedback we have now released what we believe to be the most comfortable and grippiest traction for your boards.

Lunasurf's foam formula has 100% memory at any water temperature, giving you both maximum traction and comfort at all climates, anywhere in the world. This foams compound and density is formulated to prevent any chafing of the skin in warm waters. We all know how fast things can go wrong with chafed skin in warm climates, and nobody likes being kept out of the water from rashes or sea ulcers.

Kyle Garson ripping on Lunasurf all white surf deck grip at the Waco Texas wave pool. Lunasurf deck grip also performs amazingly in fresh water too. With the rise of wave pool surfing, alot of people have taken to adding a front foot traction pad to their existing use of a tail pad to surf.

Some more views riding Lunasurf deck grip, front pad with a mid piece accompanying a tail pad. The mid piece is a favourite of people who move up the board to ride the barrel, you can see its use very clearly here in this tail camera GoPro POV surf film. It is also great for high performance surfing and small wave surfing where you may move up the board more to generate speed or are landing further up the board doing aerial manoeuvres.

No more troubles of your wax is too hard to go on, lacks traction in winter, is the wrong temperature or did you actually pack the surf wax? Batty brushing off the snow on a -19 degree air winters day ready to paddle out.


As surfers we know that its a pain in the ass not to mention a waste of money when you have just gripped up a new board only to have the grip fall off after a couple of months. Which is why we only use the very strongest 3M® Adhesive on all our traction. Making for a very long lasting bond, and a grip that is made to give you what you need to put your surfing through its paces! Your Luna pad will be staying put whether you are cold water surfing in the Arctic or enjoying the warm water of the tropics.

Ian Battrick with a deep, early morning, barrel in France relying on Lunasurf surfboard full deck grip to weave on through it.

Kevin Meza a.k.a. Baja Koala riding a Lunasurf front foot pad and line groove tail pad with a very smooth surfing finger flip at home in Baja, Mexico. He can be seen flying, rotating and flipping above the lip as well as styling through the tube with Lunasurf surfboard deck grip.

Zoltan The Magician Torkos the first person to do the surfing kick flip and now the first to land a kick flip in a wave pool surf at the Waco Texas wave park. Riding Lunasurf traction.

Luna full deck grip, front foot pads and tailpads are perfect for surfing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, skim boarding, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, river surfing, SUP, longboards, groms, paddle boarding... Just grab your board & go.